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Support for freelancers & Independents

Are you a freelancer, solopreneur or independent professional with a fierce passion for what you do? You’ve got the vision, the drive, maybe even revenue coming in, but getting your ducks in a row constantly feels just out of reach.

You're swamped with projects, perhaps even teetering on the edge of burnout, trying to juggle it all.

I get it because I've been there!


You know there must be an easier way but when do you find time to put systems in place that could help?

Overwhelmed by the vast sea of options, you're stuck running on the never-ending treadmill of 'business as usual.' You aspire for more — not just in earnings but also time and freedom to do other things you love. You want to embrace the power of today's technology, but without losing your soul or authenticity in the process.

If this sounds like you, I'm here to help!

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Your Creative Catalyst

How I help

I believe in a more authentic, joyful way to do business. I offer support and resources to transform work from the endless pursuit of goals to a beautiful unfolding. As an independent professional, I understand you're not just looking for business growth, but also for a sense of freedom and alignment, with the space to pursue your passions and express yourself through your work (and still have time for the rest of life!)

I help you focus on what truly matters, creating space, freeing up your time and reducing the risk of burnout.

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A Joy-Full Business Approach

I want to bust the myths of traditional business practices. With Business Unfolding you don't need to hustle and chase every opportunity; instead, you'll let the path unfold before you. You don't argue with reality because you recognise that everything happens in perfect timing.

From scattered attention to purposeful innovation, it's about changing the rules and transforming how you define success. I want to support you in making your business fulfilling, deeply joyful, and truly yours.

Tools for Systemised Simplicity

My mission is to help you reinvent your business, streamline your processes and bring your creative vision to life. Using innovative tools, templates and tech to provide the structure and systems for your effort, without compromising your integrity or sanity.

I’ll help you to navigate the complex landscape of tech advancements and prioritise the things that matter, ensuring you achieve the business growth you want - while preserving your authenticity and allowing time for everything else.

Kate Trafford Testimonial

Kate Trafford FPSA

Master Coach | TEDx Speaker | Author of Get There, Love Here!

Tiffany Kay is an extraordinary catalyst for authentic creativity. In the run-up to the launch of my book, she helped me re-think my business strategy and creative priorities, supported me through a thorough review and upgrade of my business systems and turned my muddled ideas into a website I love!

Tif brings a unique blend of experience, expertise and personal qualities to her work. She is a highly-experienced coach, technical expert and business consultant with an uncanny ability to see new possibilities for your business - both content (new events, products and promotions) and delivery (elegant automations, visually stunning designs, and simplified workflows) - all of which make doing business easier and more enjoyable than you may have thought possible. What's more, she is an absolute delight to work with - warm, insightful, and endlessly inspiring. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Tiffany Kay

Let's make it fun again!

Imagine a world where building your dream business doesn't steal your soul or sanity. With over 20 years of eclectic business experience — from consulting, coaching, NLP, digital design, course creating, e-commerce, and even authoring two books, I’ve done a lot. Trust me, I’ve been in the trenches of hard work, overachievement and eventual burnout. And it's not pretty.

But then I experienced a forced break. That pause was my wake-up call. It made me question why we are still clinging to archaic 9-to-5 (plus!) norms and why, as independent entrepreneurs, we're still playing by ‘old school’ rules. It made me doubt the sustainability of traditional business strategies in the current era and yearn to find a different way — one that is simpler, more nurturing and more fun!

This is the basis for my new approach, Business Unfolding. Now, I’m all about redefining success, transforming hustle into joyful discovery and making up your own rules. Ready to flip the script and let your business unfold in a way that best suits you?

Join me in rewriting the business playbook!

Let's do things differently!

How I help

I'd love you to join me in rewriting the business playbook. If the concept of Business Unfolding appeals, I want to invite you to join me for inspiration and updates.

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