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I believe that we walk this planet with the ‘soul’ purpose of discovering and expressing the true essence of who we are.

In these times of change, being the most expansive, aligned version of yourself is the most precious gift you can give to others. We all have skills and experiences that make us who we are. But even beyond the beliefs, attitude, and talents lies an innate and unquestionable nature – something special and unique that the world so desperately needs right now.

Choosing to work for yourself is a courageous decision. Being willing to ditch the security of a regular pay cheque to make your own way in the world is inspirational. Standing up and being counted rather than hiding your talents under the bushel takes guts. Motivating yourself to move forwards every day takes inner strength. But what better way to creatively express that true essence than through your life’s work? Your niche is the experience of being you.

Having been self-employed for over 15 years, I understand the challenges of carving your own path. As a coach, author and consultant, I have worked with hundreds of people in creating and living inspired lives. Then I realised that my uniqueness was in my ability to combine both business strategy and digital innovation to help people like you to get your message out into the world.

My personality is an unusual combination of both logical strategy and big picture, creative thinking. I therefore perceive things holistically, which gives me the ability to pinpoint an insight or spot an opportunity.

I blend self-awareness, business strategy, creative inspiration and techy geekiness in a service that I call business co-creation. I am here to help you grow your business and get the results you want… in a way that is perfectly aligned with who you are and who you are becoming.

I offer services from digital design through to project partnership and specialise in helping clients to develop passive income streams through the creation of online courses and membership sites. 

Let’s talk and discover how we can create amazing projects together.

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