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Transform how you work

Transform how you work

Approaches for simpler and more joyful business

Systems to create alignment, streamline technology and ignite creativity giving you much-needed space to do your best work in your own way!

Transform how you work

Doing Business Differently

The Approach: Business Unfolding

Are you tired of the chase and not having enough time to do the things that matter? Discover how to allow your business to unfold organically, authentically and joyfully.

From Pursuit to Focused Presence

Move beyond conventional goals and embrace a way of being that simplifies your strategy, frees up time and allows your ideal business model to naturally emerge.

From Hustling to Gentle Productivity

Let go of an overwhelming to-do list and focus on what truly matters, allowing inspiration and wisdom to gracefully and insightfully guide your path.

From Conformity to Creative Expression

Instead of jumping on the latest trends, leverage your unique talents to turn your creativity into products and services that authentically represent who you are.

From Stress to Systemised Simplicity

Implement intuitive systems that align with your individual needs and maximise your capacity without burdening you with unnecessary complexity.

From Exhaustion to Energised Joy

Replace the relentless pursuit with harmonious alignment, finding joy and fulfilment in the gentle (and often surprising!) unfolding nature of business.



From Pursuit to Presence

As a dedicated business owner, you know the demands of a high-achieving career all too well. The stress of trying to do it all (often alone) can leave us feeling jaded.
This book is a manual for cultivating presence and practical tools to transition from an achievement-focused mindset to a fulfilling, moment-focused life.

Redefine success

Let go of the drive for over achievement. Move beyond traditional goal setting and metrics and discover what success truly means to you.

Simplify your goals

Prioritise and simplify your objectives. Let go of the need to control outcomes and let life unfold before you.

Enhance your relationships

Apply principles of presence and authenticity to deepen relationships with yourself and others, boosting your sense of connection and contribution.

Prevent burnout

Break free from the relentless pursuit that leads to stress and eventual burnout. Learn how to recognise and flow with your natural rhythms.

Tap into joy

End the struggle of unworthiness and come to know your inherent value. Through self-acceptance and self-love, uncover the joy of inner alignment.

From Pursuit to Presence is not a personal development book; it's an invitation to transform your perspective on life, success, and happiness. Want to do less and be more?


Tiffany Kay

In a world that prizes overachievement, I advocate for a gentler approach: let things unfold. Combining my 20 years plus of experience as a coach and running consultancies, I help fellow professionals create businesses that flourish with authenticity and integrity.

My guiding concept, Business Unfolding, will transform how you work - helping you to declutter your professional life, nurture your ideas, express your creativity, and streamline your strategies.

With a passion for helping simplify the complex, I'll assist you in creating a business that's uniquely yours, reflects what you most value, and is fuelled by inspiration and joy .

Less Stress, More Time, More Fun!


What are people saying?

Jules Wyman

Jules Wyman


I used to have so many ideas and didn't know where to start or how to apply them but when I started working with Tiffany, the ideas were created! She has a wonderful ability to hold the vision and help connect the pieces of the puzzle.

Testimonial stars
Bev Holden

Bev Holden


We love working with Tiffany. She has taken the vision from inside our heads and shaped it into something that is clear and meaningful. Tiffany guided us through the technical aspects, finding practical ways to bring our ideas to life.

Testimonial stars
Dawn Pici

Dawn Pici


We have worked with Tiffany on several projects and are delighted with everything. We are not technical and she has shown herself to have unlimited patience and the ability to simplify complex concepts. We recommend her unconditionally!

Testimonial stars

Tiffany is awesome in the way she takes my half-baked ideas and turns them into reality. She genuinely co-creates by adding to your business. I love working with her. I have saved loads of blood, sweat and tears, as well as hours and money.

Testimonial stars

Let's do things differently!

How I help

I'd love you to join me in rewriting the business playbook. If the concept of Business Unfolding appeals, I want to invite you to join me for inspiration and updates.

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