What is creativity?

I was recently interviewed by Nina Lockwood as part of her Creativity Conversations series. She asked me to share my thoughts on creativity and then we explored the world of online

Dealing with creative blocks

This year I decided to commit myself to creativity. I’d love to share all my successes with you…to tell you that every day is a delightful journey into my imagination.

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Image of girl on beach

Saying Yes

It’s been a bumpy path recently.   On the one hand, exciting new projects and opportunities —a total change of direction. But accompanied by big transitions on a physical, mental and even spiritual

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Image of woman lying down

No Guarantees

2016 was a particularly interesting year for me. I went through an extended period of poor health. In my quest for wellness, I tried pretty much everything - different diets,

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Image of masks

These Flaws Make Me

For far too long I have worked hard to hide my imperfections from the world. Too hard. Too long. Too much time, effort and energy consumed in creating and maintaining the mask.

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The Sucky Part of Surrender

Part of being a seeker is learning to understand the difference between force and free will. Force is when we attempt to orchestrate life events to fit our expectations. We might

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Sometimes life hurts

If you had the choice, would you sacrifice joy to rid your life of painful emotions? Deeply consider that. The concept of ending all suffering is an appealing proposition. And traditional personal development

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