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Business Unfolding

Let go of the constant hustle and grind and find joy in an unfolding business



The Approach

Owning and running a business doesn’t have to be a relentless pursuit. Instead, it can be a joyful unfolding. It's time to turn things on their head; a profound shift away from traditional and outdated strategies to an approach that frees you to do YOUR business on YOUR terms.

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What if you could...

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The Core Components

Your business is a reflection of you.
When everything is aligned, you'll discover your magical combination.

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Appreciate and valuing your traits, capacities, passions and energy cycles. These are what make you unique. To do your best work, your business should reflect the true essence of who you are.

Go beyond the expectations and norms of running a business. Define your own business blueprint and make use of agreements and boundaries to create space and fulfilling working relationships. 

Play infuses work with spontaneity and joy. Everyone is creative. And everyone has permission to play. It’s about finding your individual expression, breathing life into your work practices and bringing the fun to business.

Systems and technology are there to work for you. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Choosing the right options will free up your valuable time and bandwidth so you can focus on the things that matter most.


The 4 Pillars of Business Unfolding

This is not another "tell-you-how-to-do-it" strategy, but an organic and adaptive approach. It encourages you to work in a way that best suits you. It utilises timing, embraces flexibility, and fosters trust in intuition to guide your direction.

Focussed Presence


Learn to drop into presence and tap into your intuition. This paves the way for a business approach that aligns perfectly with your core values and capacities, making every step an expression of who you truly are.

Gentle Productivity


Let go of overachievement and ticking off an endless list of tasks. Allow yourself to be subtly guided by inspiration and inner nudges. You'll discover how to create more by doing less. This is the reward of gentle productivity.

Creative Expression


Express yourself though your business. Use states of play to generate ideas and harness your creative potential, integrating it into your business and converting those bright sparks into authentic and valued products and services.


Declutter your business processes and make them work synergistically for you. Leveraging the best of modern technology, this approach liberates you from complexity and facilitates streamlined systems that work with you.


Business Unfolding

Rather than succumbing to urgency or being paralyzed by options, this approach invites you to pause, reflect, and let things emerge naturally. It not only lets you adapt and evolve in harmony with your circumstances, but also keeps you aligned with what truly matters—quality, authenticity, and integrity.

The principles will help you...

The 4 Pillars of Business Unfolding

This approach is designed to help you earn what you're worth while giving you the freedom to spend more time on the things you value most in life.

When you cut through the noise and trust the unfolding process, you create a business fuelled by your authenticity and bringing you joy-FULL success.

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How I help

How I Help

I’ll help you get clearer on your individuality and the unique rhythm of your business. Together, we'll find an approach that aligns with your energy and capacity, allowing your business to unfold organically. I'll help you channel your creativity into innovative products and services, identify systems that simplify rather than burden, and replace the unnecessary race against the clock with harmonious alignment.

Your work will become inspired and energized, filled with curiosity and wonderment, where intuition guides your path, and authenticity resonates in everything you do. Join me in creating a business narrative that's uniquely yours, flourishing with integrity and joy.

Let's do things differently!

How I help

I'd love you to join me in rewriting the business playbook. If the concept of Business Unfolding appeals, I want to invite you to join me for inspiration and updates.

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