How often do you stop to consider the purpose of business and how well the model is working for you? Is the way you work creating aligned and authentic success?

You know that age-old mantra that business success is about the hustle, the grind, and the non-stop pursuit of growth? Well, let’s toss that myth out the window for a second. What if I told you there’s a more fulfilling and joy-FULL way to do business?

Imagine shifting from the constant chase to a peaceful state of presence. Think of your business adapting fluidly to your life’s natural rhythm, growing organically guided by your innate intuition and inspiration. No more running on a never-ending treadmill of growth strategies, but actually finding time to breathe, get present and find the genuine pleasure in what you’re creating. Because business is a creative endeavour, a place for you to fully express yourself – and it can be fun!

Redefining Success with Business Unfolding

After an enforced pause gave me the time to take stock, I realised how traditional business practices are not just outdated, but also laden with myths [read more here] that keep us apart from a true sense of fulfilment.

Once I saw that, I was done with the old way, I knew I wanted to do business differently. And it was where my approach, Business Unfolding was born.

Business Unfolding is based upon four principles. I think of these as the four foundational pillars on which an aligned business can flourish.

Business Unfolding diagram showing the four pillars

The Four Pillars of Business Unfolding


Focused Presence

is about stepping away from the hustle and constant urgency that dominates traditional business approaches. It’s a peaceful yet energised state, where you can connect deeply with yourself and tune into your intuition. This is not about an overwhelming to-do list; it’s about creating mental and emotional space to open up to possibilities and cultivate inner alignment with your true nature, energy, and capacity.

It’s the foundational pillar upon which your business can be built, allowing you to listen to those inner nudges and let your business direction unfold naturally. By aligning actions with who you authentically are, focused presence turns business into a joyful, fulfilling experience, fostering a profound synergy between your business approach and the very essence of who you are.

Gentle Productivity… 

transcends traditional goals and tasks, embracing a philosophy of achieving more by doing less. It’s about stepping away from rigid objectives and allowing yourself to be guided towards a path of aligned action. This approach encourages time for curiosity, wonderment, and connection to your energetic cycles, seamlessly incorporating moments of reflection like walks, rest and meditations into your daily routine.

Instead of collapsing in exhaustion, you flow with your natural rhythm, trusting that the right next step will reveal itself at the perfect time. Gentle productivity isn’t about racing against time; it’s about aligning with it, nurturing a productive flow that reduces stress and promotes overall wellbeing – all while allowing your creativity and authentic self to shine through.

Creative Expression

is about knowing who you are and how you wish to express yourself through your work. It involves recognising and valuing your unique talents and perspectives, allowing these to drive innovation. Rather than conforming to traditional moulds or chasing the latest trends, you create your own path. Creative expression isn’t just about generating ideas; it’s a deeply personal and dynamic process of exploration, refinement, and transformation. You play with possibilities – sometimes even ditching everything to start over when inspiration calls your heart.

Through this process, you can craft products and services that reflect your true self, not merely replicating others’ success. By understanding your unique expression and letting it shape your business, you turn your creativity into tangible gifts for the world. It’s where innovation meets authenticity, a joyful process of playing by your own rules and creating a business that is authentically yours.

Systemised Simplicity… 

is about more than just organising business operations; it’s about weaving clarity and space into what you do. From design & development to sales & marketing, you need systems, but not ones that burden and overwhelm. Instead, this approach seeks to find solutions that resonate with your needs, are intuitive to use, and amplify your capacity.

Systemised simplicity is about cutting through the noise, eliminating unnecessary complexity, and embracing tools and methods that align with who you are and how you work. In a world increasingly enhanced with AI and a constant influx of data, the right technology can be a powerful ally, but only if it simplifies. By prioritising simplicity and alignment, you become empowered to transform ideas into reality without losing yourself in the process.

It’s time to do business differently…

Let’s move beyond the ‘old school’ rules of what business should be and make it more of what we want it to be.

This isn’t just daydreaming; it’s about making your business an extension of your personal truth, adapting as you do, and honoring your unique pace and creative spark.

With Business Unfolding, you get to architect your own success story—one that’s not purely about growth and profit, but more about expressing yourself fully and turning your creative sparks into tangible products and services that have the impact you want to see in the world.


I’d love you to join me in rewriting the business playbook.
Plans are afoot for what this might become.

For now, if the concept of Business Unfolding appeals,
I want to invite you to join me for updates and inspiration.