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Helping you launch your online course or membership site

What would it take for you to take your business to the next level? Could an online course or membership site be the secret to your success? How will you get the results you want? What are the obstacles? What else could be possible?

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Tapping into expertise is not only useful, it is smart. If you have big dreams or meaningful ambitions, wouldn’t it make sense to gather the support you need to make it happen?

As a coach with over 15 years of experience, I know how to ask the right questions that will help you identify the best ‘next steps’ in your business. I utilise both big picture creative thinking and logical strategy to help you to pinpoint an insight or spot an opportunity that might otherwise have been missed. My mission is to help you to reach your goals with less effort, less struggle, more fun and enjoyment… and with your sanity intact!

Build your online course

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As a small business/solopreneur, our income potential is limited by the hours we have to dedicate to our business. If you are working on a billable hour or day model, the time you have available to spend with clients is where you earn your money. To increase your turnover, you need to increase the time you spend with clients. That may work when you are starting out, but what happens when you are successful? You are likely to be spending more with clients and less time working on your business - whether that is administration, marketing or business planning.

The truth is that a business based purely on billable hours is rarely sustainable. So what's the alternative?

I specialise in helping clients to develop passive income streams with a focus on creating online courses and membership sites. These aren't a quick fix and won't work for every business but in the right context and done the right way, they can be the secret to taking your business to the next level.

Want to discuss how an online course could work in your business? Simply fill out an enquiry form or drop me a line to get in touch.

Spotlight Sessions

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Spotlight Coaching Sessions offer business strategy and digital innovation to help you grow your business and get the results you want…. in a way that is perfectly aligned with your vision. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you need to be doing what everyone else is doing – all of it. Your approach needs to fit with who you are AND your desired lifestyle.

A Spotlight Session usually consists of spending an hour together 1-1, reviewing your overall business model, or an aspect of your business where you need help or a boost.

I am a firm believer in following our own gut instincts. I won’t try and force an agenda or plan of action and will encourage you to take the lead and find your own solutions. Sometimes having that sounding board or fresh set of eyes can be the difference that makes the difference when it comes to seeing new possibilities and accelerating your business growth.

I’ll help you get your ducks in a row or support you over a hump in the road. You’ll walk away feeling inspired and with all the confidence you need to take the next step.

To find out more or book your session, use the contact form to drop me a message.

Borrow my Brain

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Have an idea down on paper but not sure where to take it next? Developing projects or ideas can be a lonely job when you work alone. Recognizing there is a gap or that something isn’t flowing is not that useful unless you also know what to do next.

Working for ourselves can be a challenging. When you don’t have a full team to back you up, it can be difficult to keep up momentum and generate fresh ideas. We naturally feel passionate about our business and that can lead to an attachment of ideas or plans — even when these are no longer serving you or taking you in the wrong direction.

Borrow my Brain” is your chance to tap into my knowledge, experience and creativity to get a valuable second opinion or an important new perspective. Working together over email, you share the ideas or content you’d like help with and I’ll reply with thoughts and suggestions to help you achieve your objectives as simply and effectively as possible.

To find out more or discuss a specific project, drop me a line to get in touch.

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