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Design Support for Your Key Projects

Partnering with someone to grow your business is always an important decision. Who can you find who will both get you and your business, AND have the skills to create and/or strengthen your brand? We’ve probably all had the experience of sharing a project brief followed by the disappointment when it fails to live up to expectations.

There are many great designers and assistants out there, which makes choosing the right person for each job even more challenging.

But my service is more than design or branding. The core difference is in my background – over 15 years as a business and personal development coach. So I know what it takes to build a business. I've experienced the challenges of sharing a message in an aligned and coherent way. And along the way, I've spent countless hours working out how to develop the systems and platforms that are simple, yet effective.

Using my coaching skills, I take the time to understand both the ‘what’ AND the ‘why’. I’ll ask those key questions to ensure that what I do is aligned with YOUR vision and your objectives. And I’ll be honest with you about the results. If there’s a smarter or more efficient way to get the job done, I’ll ensure you know about it because I get that the bottom line is imperative to the survival of your business.

Standard Design

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When it comes to design, we live in a world of opportunity. Never has it been easier to create documents, images and photographs. Social media drives the need to stand out and be more visible. Business branding thrives on being able to set yourself apart and convey your character and values throughout your communications.

There will be times when you need to up your game. No one will take you seriously if you are still using an outdated font or clip art imagery on important documents. And clients/followers may be confused if you share inconsistent branding and mixed messages.

I understand the importance of getting your message across in a coherent way. Whether it is logos, documents, social media images, slides, templates or web pages, I can work with you to create design solutions that truly reflect you and your brand.

To find out more, you can check out my portfolio or use the contact form to drop me a message.

Signature Projects

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If you have a big project in mind — whether you want to write a book, launch a podcast, give your website a makeover or something completely original or innovative, the “Signature Project” Service is a complete and comprehensive design and development solution.

The worst outcome isn’t just one that doesn’t deliver, it’s one that takes you in the wrong direction. The perfect solution needs to be an absolute match for you, for your clients AND for your future.

My goal is to make your project development as enjoyable, straightforward and cost effective as possible.

We can start by having a no-obligation exploratory discussion via telephone/skype so you can tell me about your plans and I can share ideas and how I can help you. Sound interesting?

To take the first step, simply fill out an enquiry form or drop me a line to get in touch.

Online Courses & Membership Sites

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As a small business/solopreneur, our income potential is limited by the hours we have to dedicate to our business. If you are working on a billable hour or day model, the time you have available to spend with clients is where you earn your money. To increase your turnover, you need to increase the time you spend with clients. That may work when you are starting out, but what happens when you are successful? You are likely to be spending more with clients and less time working on your business - whether that is administration, marketing or business planning.

The truth is that a business based purely on billable hours is rarely sustainable. So what's the alternative?

I specialise in helping clients to develop passive income streams with a focus on creating online courses and membership sites. These aren't a quick fix and won't work for every business but in the right context and done the right way, they can be the secret to taking your business to the next level.

Want to discuss how an online course could work in your business? Simply fill out an enquiry form or drop me a line to get in touch.

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