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From Pursuit to Presence

How to slow down and find peace in a chaotic and hectic world

We live in a culture of doing. Busyness has become a badge of honour as we push forward in our desire for more — the high-achieving career, the perfect partner, the ideal home and all the trimmings of success.

But are all of these 'mores' really the answer to our quest for happiness?

Too many people are now stressed, exhausted and burnt out in their yearning to create a perfect life. It is a never-ending satisfaction hunt that can never be appeased.

From Pursuit to Presence is your guide to side-stepping the rat race and finding the inherent peace and joy that comes from living in the now.

Includes a free accompanying online workshop ~ 20 lessons to support your journey from pursuit to presence.

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Daily Inspiration to Nourish Your Heart & Soul

Imagine starting every day with an inspiration boost. That is the intention behind JoyScope.

Centred on a different theme, each daily message brings wisdom, insight and a-ha moments.

In contrast to the traditional 'horror-scope', which can often be rather gloomy and fear-inducing, JoyScope is designed to uplift and invigorate. Think of it as your user manual for Living an Inspired Life!

Buy your copy now and get free access to the online course, '7 Days of Joy' worth £147

Your Life Two

5 Steps to Designing, Creating and Living Your Inspired Life

If you are feeling bored, frustrated or stuck, Your Life Two will help you to find a new direction and renew your energy and enthusiasm for life.

This 12 CD Home Study Programme, takes you step-by-step through a process to design your life on purpose rather than by default.

You'll discover a comprehensive system for clarifying what you want and a process for taking inspired action to bring your dreams into fruition.

Bonuses included: The It's Your Time Workbook and Online Support