This isn’t the usual topic that I blog about, although the sentiment is very much aligned with my values of connection, honesty and inclusive relationships. But there is another reason for choosing this theme to write about today.

Two years ago, I met a lady called Rach Wilson at a marketing event in San Diego. We were in a small group to do some breakout exercises and the usual preamble of introductions began. When it came to Rach’s turn, she shared that her area of expertise was threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. I loved her boldness and became far less interested in the group discussion and much more intrigued by the kind of job that offered such opportunities!

The truth is that Rach is an inspiring woman who is about so much more than that. She breaks the norms of traditional monogamous relationships in her own marriage. Her and her husband have chosen an open marriage because that is what works for them – and believe me it really works! But what really sets Rach apart is her willingness to stand up and speak out about what she believes in. She thinks that all types of healthy relationships should be a choice without the judgment of right and wrong, good and bad. She has appeared in the media sharing her own story and inviting the world to enter into a frank and honest conversation and to show that there isn’t one type of healthy relationship but many different varieties — different strokes for different folks.

By going public, Rach has faced a barrage of criticism over her choices. Without having all the facts, some people tend to jump to conclusions about what an open relationship means and the impact it may have on her, her husband and their children. Yet this hasn’t deterred her. She has invested a huge amount of energy, time and resource into being the voice of diversity. Her vision is that all types of relationships should be free from judgment or condemnation. That we all have the right to make a free choice without fearing the repercussions on us, our friends or our family. To facilitate that, Rach has committed herself to developing a community of inspiration and support in helping people to decide what is right for them. Her project is called Intelligence Sex TV.

In fact, I can’t do Rach’s vision justice. She tells it so much better in her own video which you can find on

When I considered writing this post, I was slightly hesitant. After all, I work with corporate clients and ‘what would they think?!

If I feel that to share Rach’s story openly on my blog takes courage, then what does that say about her?

To turn her vision into a reality, she needs help.

Right now, Rach is dealing with a sudden and devastating death in her family. Whilst she is processing the shock and grief, I want to help her maintain the momentum and spread the word about her project.

So I only have one question for you, “Should relationships be a choice?” If you think so, then please support this project.

On the Intelligent Sex TV page, you will find details of her crowd-funding campaign. If you haven’t come across crowd-funding before, then the idea is simple and mutually beneficial – you make a contribution (of an amount of your choosing) and in return get some free goodies. If you scroll down the list, you might even spot a familiar name… you can get my 7 Days of Joy programme valued at $247 for a mere $100 – all the proceeds go to Intelligent Sex TV)

Please head over to the page now and watch the video. You may learn something about yourself too! Go on, what are you waiting for!

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