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Design & Development Support for Your Key Projects

Partnering with someone to grow your business is always an important decision. Who can you find who will both get you and your business, AND have the skills to create and/or strengthen your brand? We’ve probably all had the experience of sharing a project brief followed by the disappointment when it fails to live up to our expectations.

There are many great designers and assistants out there, which makes choosing the right person for each job even more challenging.

But my ‘Business Co-Creation’ service is more than design or branding. The core difference is in my background – over 15 years as a business and personal development coach. So I know what it takes to build a business. I've experienced the challenges of sharing a message in an aligned and coherent way. And along the way, I've spent countless hours working out how to develop the systems and platforms that are simple, yet effective.

Using my coaching skills, I take the time to understand both the ‘what’ AND the ‘why’. I’ll ask those key questions to ensure that what I do is aligned with YOUR vision and your objectives. And I’ll be honest with you about the results. If there’s a smarter or more efficient way to get the job done, I’ll ensure you know about it because I get that the bottom line is imperative to the survival of your business.

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Signature Projects

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Writing & Design

Design — Branding, infographics, brochures, PDFs (including editable online versions), eBooks

Copy Writing — Articles, blogs, social media content, product descriptions

Books — Copy editing, proof reading, design & illustration, self-publishing (both hard copy and Kindle)



Website Design — Full design, content development, makeovers

Membership Sites — Online courses, sales pages, launch funnels


Social Media

Social media profiles & branding

YouTube Channel design including thumbnails, intros and end slides

Content creation — Photos & images, videos, audios and podcasts

Email Marketing — List creation, campaigns, autoresponders


Plus Business Strategy & Project Planning

If you have a specific idea in mind — whether you want to write a book, develop an online course, give your website a makeover or something completely original or innovative, the “Signature Project” Co-creation Service is a complete and comprehensive design and development solution.

We can start by having a no-obligation exploratory discussion via telephone/skype so you can tell me about your plans and I can share ideas and how I can help you. Sound interesting?

You can check out my portfolio or use the contact form to drop me a message.


VIP Co-Creation

As your business grows, you may well find that you need a team to support you. VIP Co-creator is an exclusive and specialised design, technology and business development solution that offers ongoing support.

Using a retainer model, I operate in the role of your right-hand person. Because we work closely together month-by-month, I’ll get to fully understand you, your vision, your values, your key objectives and your work preferences. I help you to develop your business in a coherent, strategic and aligned way together with all of the implementation of the design, systems and technical support.

As I get to know you, you’ll be able to seamlessly ‘offload’ the design/tech elements of your business. Give me the core elements and your requirements and I’ll do the rest. This will help to free up your time so you can work on the most vital and lucrative aspects of your business.

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