When I was approached by Bradford University to write an article, I was touched. It is some twenty plus years since I was a student there in Interdisciplinary Human Studies—I think we got marks just for being able to spell interdisciplinary!

As it was new year at the time, I was asked if I could contribute something on goal-setting. My response was “Err, yes, but you might want to see some of my writing first!”

If you know me or have followed my work, you may also know that I don’t do goal-setting in the traditional way, especially since the pursuit of goals directly contributed to my burnout a few years ago.

I truly believe that goal-setting can have the complete opposite effect to that intended—it can hold you apart from happiness rather than bringing it to you.

And I also believe there is an alternative that is more effective and feels good to do!


You can read the full article here


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