Let’s talk about the ‘S’ word?

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Is it safe to use the ‘S” word? How easy is it to talk openly about our spiritual beliefs and practises in business or are are we still hiding behind more acceptable corporate speak like inspiration, flow, the zone etc? I’ve recently written an article for the Academy for Chief Executives on this concept. You can…

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Is your inner dramatist turning issues into problems?

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Let’s be honest. Life happens. Events and experiences that we would not willingly choose are thrown our way. Constantly! Today, we get to take my son’s new car back to the garage for the third time since we got it. We bought it four days ago. Last week, the server that hosts my websites went…

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The Guy who changed my life…


After the inspiration of International Women’s day last week, today, I want to tell you a story about a guy who changed my life. In all honesty, this could have been a very long post as there are a quite a few guys who have changed my life. My two sons, Max and Sam, who…

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The Art of Non-Meddling: How to tap into the natural cycles of self-resolution


For most of my adult life, I have been a fixer. With precision-like focus, I could spot a problem and set about resolving it without hesitation or deliberation. Sounds like a recipe for success, right? Except it didn’t have the desired effect on the quality of my life. Sure, it helped me to keep moving…

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How to resolve issues with a defensive person

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We’ve all been there – whether we are talking about a difficult work colleague or the one we love – every so often an issue arises and we know that a simple conversation would help to resolve things. We just need to explain why it bothers us, ask them to change the way they are acting…

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How to enjoy the festive season (even if you think you hate it!)

Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver

As we draw ever closer to the end of December, many of my clients have been secretly declaring their hatred of the festive season. And I get it. Why? Because not so long ago that was true for me too. I was a single parent, short of cash and feeling the pressure to create the perfect…

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A tree is just a tree!

Flying birds

Most of the time we aren’t really awake to real life. We walk around caught up in the fantasy of the stories we tell ourself about what we think is (or isn’t) happening. Then we get upset, sad, mad and angry about the stories we have just made up. How ridiculous is that? We seek…

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Doing the thing that is right in front of you


Not so long ago, my life seemed to be a thrilling adventure. I had a clear vision for what I wanted to create and every day I woke with fire in my belly, ready to make my mark on the world. I grabbed opportunities by the horns and when they weren’t coming thick or fast…

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Should relationships be a choice?

business team

This isn’t the usual topic that I blog about, although the sentiment is very much aligned with my values of connection, honesty and inclusive relationships. But there is another reason for choosing this theme to write about today. Two years ago, I met a lady called Rach Wilson at a marketing event in San Diego. We…

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Could your negative self-talk be your greatest gift?

Young Woman Biting Her Finger Nail

Have you ever been in a dark place and some helpful soul has suggested that you ‘be positive!’

It seems to make good sense. After all, who wants to wallow in negativity or worry? The idea of being positive is to turn our back on the doom and gloom, and focus on moving towards a happier and more upbeat state of mind.

That’s why so many of us have created excellent strategies to cope with our negativity.

But what if your negative self-talk contains a special gift that your be positive attitude is masking from view? Sound a little far-fetched? If so, let me clarify this concept.

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