Could your goals be holding you apart from happiness?


When I was approached by Bradford University to write an article, I was touched. It is some twenty plus years since I was a student there in Interdisciplinary Human Studies—I think we got marks just for being able to spell interdisciplinary! As it was new year at the time, I was asked if I could contribute…

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On conflict (and why you need to own your sh*t)


There’s a saying that goes something like this, “There’s your side, there’s the other’s side and then there’s the truth.” If you’ve successfully made it past the age of two, I can absolutely promise that this statement applies to you. And I am pretty darn sure you have the battle wounds of arguments, disagreement and…

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How do you want to BE different?


When my clients come to me with the issues that are frustrating or depressing them, one of the first questions I ask them is “How do you want to be in this situation?” It isn’t a question that normally arises. Think about a time when you have shared a problem with a friend or colleague.…

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Creating a prosperity shift


A couple of weeks ago, my good friend and wealth guru, Laura Leigh Clarke interviewed me for her show, Prosperity Shift. In all honesty, when she first invited me to be part of the discussions, I was a little hesitant – I would have never said that prosperity wisdom was my thing. In fact, over the…

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The big four – the challenges of living in our current society


When I wrote my book, From Pursuit to Presence, I wasn’t really aware of the massive journey I was embarking on. I knew I was fed up of feeling like a hamster on someone else’s wheel. I knew I was tired of the endless struggle to make things happen, only to have to face up…

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Are we judging the judgers?


Those of us who have committed to being more loving, spiritual or compassionate, may well believe our path requires a non-judgmental mindset. Personal development or spiritual growth teachings tell us that our criticisms of others are really reflections of our own fears and limitations, so what we observe in others tends to be more indicative of who WE…

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Let’s talk about the ‘S’ word?

buddha-525883_1280 2

Is it safe to use the ‘S” word? How easy is it to talk openly about our spiritual beliefs and practises in business or are are we still hiding behind more acceptable corporate speak like inspiration, flow, the zone etc? I’ve recently written an article for the Academy for Chief Executives on this concept. You can…

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Is your inner dramatist turning issues into problems?

panic calm signpost 2

Let’s be honest. Life happens. Events and experiences that we would not willingly choose are thrown our way. Constantly! Today, we get to take my son’s new car back to the garage for the third time since we got it. We bought it four days ago. Last week, the server that hosts my websites went…

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The Guy who changed my life…


After the inspiration of International Women’s day last week, today, I want to tell you a story about a guy who changed my life. In all honesty, this could have been a very long post as there are a quite a few guys who have changed my life. My two sons, Max and Sam, who…

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The Art of Non-Meddling: How to tap into the natural cycles of self-resolution


For most of my adult life, I have been a fixer. With precision-like focus, I could spot a problem and set about resolving it without hesitation or deliberation. Sounds like a recipe for success, right? Except it didn’t have the desired effect on the quality of my life. Sure, it helped me to keep moving…

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